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October 2013 Newsletter

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From the Prez

by Ted Tufaes
Hi Everyone! It has been an exciting month. Marriage Equality came to Grant County and we had a quadruple wedding to attend. I haven’t cried at a wedding in a long time. I want to congratulate all you newlyweds and encourage you to attend the Wedding Reception on Saturday. Our House Warming was a big success. So big I didn’t know a whole lot of the folks in attendance! It was a great chance to meet new people. Everyone’s support and interest was encouraging. Since Rainbow Village opened we have had over 225 visitors. Come on by and visit! We can also register you to vote! Just another service we offer our community and our friends. I want to thank everyone again for your support. I especially want to thank our board. These are some hard working people who get

things done.Ciao.

Marriage Equality

All You Need Is Love

by Elizabeth Rockey

It has been a great month for love in Grant County. Forget February, September rocks – September 9, Local Queer Valentine’s Day. Marriage Equality came to Grant County. We were excited. We had flowers to hand out. It was going to be a good day but I don’t think any one of us realized what a great day it was going to become. The excitement of every couple who came for licenses was palpable. The happiness was just flooding over everyone and everything. The clerks in the office were stunned by the positive energy. I’m sure there were some conversations over the dinner tables that night. “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went in to the office this morning. But now I understand. The gays and lesbians love one another just like we do.”

After a brief planning session in the hallway a quadruple wedding was scheduled for that afternoon. Brian was bringing a cake. Ted was picking up finger foods. Shari and Alex were offering their home and decorating. Gale was going to preside. Pat was coming to film. Elizabeth went traditional and brought bubbles and net wrapped candies with rainbow ribbon. Rebecca brought gifts. Many people were doing all kinds of things to make sure everything was perfection. Everyone brought love. No wedding that was planned over years for tens of thousands of dollars could ever be sweeter than this one.

Josh and Kyle, Bobby and Rodger, Pierre and Jerry and Amy and Tammy were legally married in Shari and Alex’s living room. Legally. Married. It’s huge, folks! First the death of DOMA and then comes marriage equality to our dusty, windy, beautiful little, tiny part of the world. For years to come these four couples will be the beginning. Whatever comes next, no one can take their wedding day away from them. I will be able to say, “I was there. I saw it happen. I felt the love.” It was amazing.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Love
by Elizabeth Rockey

We will be very proudly and happily sponsoring a wedding reception for all of our members, friends and allies. We don’t care if you were married in New Mexico or elsewhere. We don’t care if you are gay, straight, trans, queer, questioning, bi, lesbian or anything I may have missed – if you have married in the past year or are going to be married soon or want to celebrate love, join us at Rainbow Village on Saturday, October 5 at 3 pm. For those of you who are actually newlyweds, we will be hosting “The Newlywed Game.” Come, join in on the fun. Celebrate love. What better thing could you possibly choose to celebrate?

Diversity Week WNMU

WNMU celebrates diversity with a week long slate of activities starting on October 15th. Last year was a whole bunch of fun and very informative. If you would like to be involved in planning or in staffing the LGBT Grant County table, call Rainbow Village at 575-519-5562.


Holiday Dinner Fundraiser

by Brian McHugh

LGBT Grant County is hosting a holiday-time dinner on Tuesday, December 17th at 6 pm to be held in the WNMU Dining Hall. The theme is “An Italian Christmas.” Five pasta dishes will be served with five different sauces; salad; and Italian dessert! Wine will be available for purchase at the great low price of $2.00 a glass. This is a great way to relax before the holidays and not have to cook! Just come and enjoy. All proceeds go toward the support of Rainbow Village, our new community center, and our other work in and for the community.

Tickets are $25 single or $45 duo. They can be purchased from any board member or you can get them from our member coordinating the event, Brian McHugh. Email him at, or call him at 575-388-1131 (leave a message please) … and he will even bring you your ticket(s)!!

Look forward to seeing you and we appreciate your support of our work for the LGBTQ community and for our community of Silver City and Grant County.

Website is Getting a Facelift 
by Mark Karagas

If you haven’t visited our website lately, then now is a great time. I have included current newsletter postings, upcoming events and many photos along with many posts for past events. Most exciting though is the new online membership form! If you receive this newsletter and want to continue to receive it, please consider becoming an official member of LGBT Grant County. You will become a growing part of a small community of LGBT folks and our supporters who care about making a better quality of life for our brothers and sisters in Grant County and surrounding areas. We now have a wonderful meeting space we affectionately call the “Rainbow Village” and as the name implies, it takes a village…If you believe that a new community center is important to foster a healthy, happy “village” of LGBT people, then, please join our organization and also consider donating as much as you can afford. Your contributions will go toward a worthy cause and are tax deductible too. If you have any suggestions for improving our new website, please email me at

HIV Counseling and Testing Training – October 29 & 30 
by Hugh Epping
Our HIV Coordinator, Hugh Epping, has learned from the Region 5 HIV Specialist, Dave Daniels, that HIV Counseling and Testing Training will take place October 29th & 30th in Las Cruces. The state DOH is eager for us to be able to test but various requirements must be met. Training is one and a proper facility is another.
A site visit to our center will be made along with the training. This should allow LGBT Grant County to administer the OraSure test at no cost to the testee. Results would take two weeks but no additional testing would be needed as it would automatically be performed by the state contracted laboratory.
Anyone interested in receiving the training should contact Hugh at The state would like at least three certified counselors.

Median Project
by Diane Marshall

LGBT Grant County members have adopted a highway median to maintain and nurture. It’s located on the way out of town on Highway 90 a mile or so before the Chevron station. It’s good we have some avid gardeners and landscapers because it was a mess when we got out there! We met on September 8th at 9:30 and worked until 11:30. I was glad such a great crew volunteered and all showed up! Pierre Nichols, Jerry Howell, Kyle Meredith, Josh Reeves, Greg Conlin, Hugh Epping, and myself all came equipped with a large amount of equipment and dug in. An amazing amount of dead prickly pear needed removal, and yelps of pain were heard on a regular basis. We filled Josh and Kyle’s pickup twice as high as the sides and they volunteered to unload it at the dump the next day. There are quite a few healthy desert plants, shrubs and trees, and we hope to round that out with a some flowering natives. We will be ordering a sign with our name and logo to post. I think this will be yet another step to raise our outreach profile and our involvement in Silver’s community. If anyone has any rocks or desert hardy plants to donate, please call Marsh at 651-592-7071. (But, please, no more spiny prickly pear!)

Rainbow Pages
by Elizabeth Rockey
We have received some funding from the Gamma Mu Foundation for a variety of things including a directory of gay friendly business and services in the area. This directory will be in print form and on our website. If you know of a gay friendly business or service, please let us know. We want to be sure they are included in the Rainbow Pages. Email us at There will also be opportunities for businesses to advertise in the Rainbow Pages. This will include: Advertising in the Rainbow Pages printed version, online ad and reciprocal Tweets all at very reasonable rates.

Cookbook Fundraiser
by Pat Bennett

I have been collecting recipes for a cookbook fundraiser for LGBT Grant County for quite some time. If we get a rush on them it is possible we could do it for Christmas this year. Please submit good recipes, they don’t have to be complicated but tasty and maybe something you would take to a pot luck of ours. Maybe the one that you always get raves about but it’s so simple it’s embarrassing. Send recipes to Pat Bennett at

World AIDS Day

by Hugh Epping
AIDS QuiltDecember 1st is rapidly approaching and arrangements for displaying five 12 x 12 panels are being finalized. Each panel contains eight quilts made in memory of loved ones lost to AIDS and is a tribute to the impact each individual had on those around them.

The five panels will contain forty names, many from New Mexico, some we know and some we know in spirit. The quilt will be displayed on the campus of Western New Mexico University.

Members of our community, both LGBT and at large, will have an opportunity to make a quilt that will be added to the larger quilt. These will be submitted when the panels are returned. Information about making a quilt is available from the Rainbow Village or go on line to and click on “making a quilt.” It is not a requirement that the quilt made be someone you know, but can be made in honor of someone. Also the ability to sew is not a requirement.

On the evening of December 1st, a candlelight vigil and memorial ceremony will be held in the Alumni Garden of Western New Mexico University. This will provide us and others an opportunity to relate experiences, both good and bad, tell about those lost and those fighting. A chance to shed tears, to laugh and support those dealing with AIDS/HIV directly or indirectly. A chance to tell about friends, lovers, brothers and sisters and anyone that has been in our lives. The time will be announced later and facial tissues will be generously supplied.

There is a cost associated with bringing the quilt to Silver City and donations to defray the cost will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged. You would play a very important part in raising awareness and keeping alive the knowledge that AIDS touches friends.

Ask Sam

Meet Sam
Sam is a child of the universe with a little bit of knowledge about many things and a need to help people with their issues. Although Sam has no formal training the desire to answer questions combined with Sam’s good will toward the human race makes for an interesting interpretation on issues coming up. Please support Sam’s efforts to provide you with some comfort and a few laughs concerning your deepest, darkest secrets and fears or just make up a letter for fun. It is all good.
A Question for Sam
Dear Sam,
I am in desperate need of sage counsel. My boyfriend of 6 months is horribly jealous. He is jealous of my friends, my family – even my cat. I love everything else about him but the jealousy thing is getting out of hand. He doesn’t want me to see my friends even if he is with me. I can’t talk to anyone in front of him without his getting upset about it. I can’t get on Facebook even without him getting upset. I have never given him cause to doubt my loyalty. His last two boyfriends cheated on him and he is certain I am going to do the same. What do I do?

Please help,

Dearest Rex,This is obviously a serious issue for both of you. Jealousy is just personal insecurity turned outward. Your boyfriend has a serious problem. He is exhibiting signs of being an abuser. Taking you away from your friends and family is not a declaration of love it is a show of possession. If he isolates you from your safety net he can control you. Given time you will no longer have anywhere you can go if you want to get out. Don’t jump off the high dive of life with no safety net.

Unless he is willing to get some help for this issue you are better off on your own dear heart. Your loving Sam is sorry but I am more concerned for your well being than for the feelings of a controlling boyfriend. If it is meant to be, it will be. Let it go and re-string your net.Your Loving Sam

In This Issue

Board of Directors

LGBT Grant County
Board of Directors

Ted Tufares, President

Elizabeth Rockey, Vice President

Rebecca Martin, Secretary

Guadalupe Cano

Sue Christianson

Hugh Epping

Mark Karagas

Diane Marshall


Board Meeting

October 6, 2013, 9:00 AM

Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City

Wedding Reception
for all wedded couples
October 5, 2013, 3 PM
Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City
See article in this newsletter.

Diversity Week WNMU
starting October 15, 2013
See article in this newsletter.

HIV Counseling &Testing Training
Las Cruces NM
October 29 & 30, 2013
See article in this newsletter.

LGBT Thanksgiving Dinner
Novemer 23, 2013
SAVE THE DATE details forthcoming

Lighted Christmas Parade
November 30, 2013
Volunteers needed to decorate float – contact or drop by Vibrations Gallery at 108 W Yankie Street

World AIDS Day
December 1, 2013
Vigil at Alumni Garden at WNMU.
See article in this newsletter.

LGBT Christmas Dinner
December 17, 2013,6 PM
WNMU Cafeteria
See article in this newsletter.

Sunday Brunch
every Sunday at noon
Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City

HIV Support Group
every Monday
Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City

575-956-7359 for more info


Happy Birthday
Please share birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations with us. Send an email to

Just Married
Joshua Reeves & Kyle Meredith, September 9
Tammy Crawford & Amy James, September 9
Rodger Koest & Bobby Sosaya, September 9
Pierre Nichols & Jerry Howell, September 9

Match Your Passion

Been wanting to get a little more involved but not sure what we’re up to? Here’s the guide. If you are interested in joining in on anything we are doing please call Rainbow Village at 575-519-5562. Every month we:
  • Create and send out a newsletter to 200 people.
  • Have a brunch every Sunday at noon at the center.
  • Hold a HIV/AIDS Support group.
  • Spend at the very least 15 hours at the center so folks can drop by.
  • Keep our friends current on what is happening in the community.
  • Meet weekly to keep up with planning.
  • Staff booths with LGBT information at local events.
  • Complete bookkeeping obligations.
  • Hold a LGBT Grant County Board Meeting.
  • Staff the LGBT Grant County Help Line 24/7.
  • Keep in touch and updated with other LGBT organizations.
  • Provide scholarships and grants to those in need.

Current Projects:

  • Provide services and activities for LGBT youth.
  • Develop HIV anonymous testing service.
  • Create a Rainbow Pages of local gay friendly businesses.
  • Plan for social events like a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, Traditional Italian Christmas Dinner, Community Easter Egg Hunt Frolic in February and so much more!
We have something for every interest and every talent.

Recent Happenings
Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City NM


House Warming at New Community Center!
by Elizabeth Rockey
Fun was had by all on Friday, September 13. Many thanks to everyone who set-up, cleaned up, showed up and brought food to share. Thank you to our partners at PFLAG for the beautiful plant. You are all wonderful people and I am thankful for each and every one of you.
Rainbow Village

301 W College Ave, Suite 5

Silver City NM


After much deliberation the LGBT Grant County Board of Directors chose Rainbow Village to be the name of our community center. Rainbow was the common multi-colored thread running through most of the suggestions. Although there were numerous most excellent suggestions to follow the rainbow we unanimously decided “Village” was the best choice. Why “Village” you ask? First and for the most fun, The Village people, of course. Even the youngsters know “YMCA” and we more seasoned queers know them well. We decided it takes a village to support a community so there you have Rainbow Village.

We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm. We serve brunch every Sunday at noon. Join us in support and friendship. As time goes on we will be focusing certain nights on certain activities – movies, games, art – whatever. Want to host a night? Let us know at 575-591-5562.

We still have a wish list. If you would like to donate any of the following feel free!
  • Small Apartment size gas range
  • 5 Folding chairs
  • 2 end tables

Thank you!!!!

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Wedding Reception at Rainbow Village

Join us for some cake, champagne and even a gay version of the old Dating Game to celebrate the newly and not so recent married couples of our community. To be held at 3 pm this Saturday, October 5th at 301 College Ave #5. See you there! P.S. This event is not to be confused with the private wedding to take place the following weekend.