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Become A 600 Club Pledge Honoree


If you have enjoyed a brunch, wedding, open house or other activity at our Rainbow Village and want to make sure it stays around for the LGBT community, please join our 600 Club! This is a special group of honorees that pledge to donate $50 a month ($600 annually) to help defer costs of operating Rainbow Village. Monthly costs of our little home base is broken down below:

Rent: $535
Phone: $55
Gas/Electric: $60
Liability Insurance: $42
Internet Access/Streaming: $45
Centerlink (National LGBT Community Center Directory): $5
Total Monthly Operating Expense:  $742

By joining our 600 Club, you will receive our gratis in the form of a name plate on our Rainbow Village Plaque for our honorees. You will also receive a personal extension of thanks for an executive board member. To help you remember to send your monthly pledge, Torri LaRue will be contacting our honorees monthly to remind them. To join: print out and send this 600 Club Form, or contact our Treasurer Torri LaRue (, or call our office phone at 575-519-5562 or you can set up you monthly pledge by using the Paypal button below:

600 Club Pledge Honoree $50/mo

To Unsubscibe to our 600 Club, please click on the button below: