Monthly Archives: July 2015

We are seeking new Board members!

LGBT Grant County is seeking additional board members to assist in activities and participate in the governance of the organization. Board membership and member participation are critical in allowing LGBT Grant County to maintain its presence and providing information for all our community.

If you are interested in becoming a Board member, please call 575-519-2131 or email Joe Saide, interim president of LGBT Grant County, at

Our office is moving to WNMU!

We are happy that we will now be associated with The Center for Gender Equity located at Western New Mexico University. We see this as a synergistic opportunity to work together for the good of the larger community.
Remodeling at our new office should be completed within the next two months. Our goal is September 1st to have everything in place, including our monthly community welcoming brunch which everyone enjoyed.
As part and parcel of the move, we began our membership drive on the 4th of July. Please also look for future info about a fundraising drive to support the ongoing activities of LGBT Grant County.

Joe Saide
Interim President
LGBT Grant County