Thanks for a Great Event!!!

Mardi Gras King & Queen, photo by Amber

2 winners for Most Gender Ambiguous                     Most Beads

photo by Ed Rexrode

What a wonderful night we had at the Mardi Gras Masquerade Bash! The decorations and costumes were fabulous! We had a great time dancing, eating the great food from the Fry House and the king cakes from Bertie Stevens, and enjoying the great community who joined us!
Thanks to Kimber Etheredge for coordinating this event, and to all the great volunteers, Ed Rexrode, Ted Tufares, Patrick Sierra, Ward A. Rudick, Candice Burke, George Carr, Rita Mundine, Raul Turietta, Paul Slattery, Wendy, Tommy Shaffer, Lalo Ramirez, Amber Wescott and Candice Marie!! Thanks also to our sponsors, especially Anthony of the Fry House, who was so accommodating and generous, and to Curl Up & Dye, the Rage, Faywood Hot Springs, the Tapas Tree Grill and Theda Larson-Wright!