From The Prez

Hey everyone!!! Putting in your gardens yet? It's been tempting for me, but a bit too early, getting ready though. Things around here are fixin to get real busy. Lots of volunteer opportunities available if you are just sittin around the house and need something to do. Drop us a line or come to brunch or to The Village some Thursday or Friday evening. One exciting new happening is the Department of Health (DOH) will be making a site visit this week and set us up to begin our HIV testing program! We are really excited about this. The "Ora-sure" test will be available to any one at No Cost. This test will be administered by Hugh Epping and myself. Totally Free and Absolutely anonymous. With this test the results will be available in two weeks. Coming this fall we will be able to do the "Rapid" test with results in 20 minutes. We have also applied to the "Community Enhancement Fund" for a special project. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We will know by the middle of next month!!! Please continue to check out The Newsletter and our website for what's happening for any opportunities you would like to be involved in. My biggest thanks to all of you who have been helping out with your generous support, and PLEASE, if there is anything we can do, or suggestions you may have, let us know. Your input is VERY important to us. Thanks for your time. Have a great rest of the month.!

~~~ Ted Tufares~~~

A Note from Elizabeth, VP

My Sincere Apologies

All LGBT Grant County Newsletter readers please take note. The tardiness of this newsletter is entirely my fault. If you have any concerns about the lateness of the newsletter please address them to me directly. I am far from perfect and always appreciate constructive input. Please note we accept submissions too. Get involved! Send some articles, pictures – whatever you like. The more the merrier!

I would also like to thank our members for looking out for LGBT Grant County’s best interests as an organization. I sometimes get caught up in the heat of something and run without looking where I am going. I appreciate those of you who put up directional signs.

Love, Peace, Happiness and Blessings to you all,


Thai Dinner and Show Set for Sunday, March 16th.

LGBT Grant County will be hosting a Thai Dinner complete with entertainment on Sunday, March 16th at 5pm.

Do not miss out on this event. Celebrate Spring, watch people perform with various levels of talent, eat delicious food, catch up with friends. Springtime in Thailand will take place on Sunday, March 16th. Doors to WNMU’s Dining Hall on the second floor of the Student Memorial Building (on College Ave.) will open at 5 p.m. We will eat at around 5:30 and then the show will go on. It won’t be a late night so you folk who work Monday morning need not worry. Funds raised will go to LGBT Grant County. Tickets are $25 for one and $45 for two. If this is out of your monetary range, please let one of you friendly neighborhood Board members know. We are inclusive of everyone. See you there. It is going to be both fun and delicious.

Again, tickets are $25 for one and $45 for two. For information on purchasing tickets, ask a board member, call LGBT Grant County at 575-519-5562 or order your tickets online below.

Single or Couple?


Board Member Lupe Cano is going to head up a LGBT Grant County By-laws Committee. If you are a member and interested in going over our by-laws with a fine tooth comb please get in touch with Lupe at This is important work. We need to make sure our by-laws remain relevant to our members.


LGBT Grant County needs a member who is enjoys photography and has some skill in the area to record our progress. Want to take pictures at events? Brunch? Trivia Night? Springtime in Thailand? Please, let someone know. We want more pictures but board members are generally too busy at events to be able to devote time to getting great pictures.

LGBT Grant County Annual Meeting

Calling all members! Mark your calendars and plan to attend our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 6th at 12pm. We’re doing it outside this year at Gomez Peak Group Picnic Area. Just meeting and eating!

It will be informative. Want to know what our plans are in the upcoming year(s)? Come to the Annual Meeting.

Not a member? Join up now. Your membership money goes to our general operating funds and will help support Rainbow Village and our scholarship and grants programs.

Become a member!
Renew your membership:

Rainbow Median Update

by Marsh

This warm weather has been fantastic, and I'm already busy in my patio garden. It also making me eager to get back out to develop the LGBT adopted median site. Hugh Epping has a truck load of chipped wood we can unload to suppress weeds. I love to see more large rocks out there. If anyone has donations of hardy drought resistant plants, please drop them off at the Rainbow Village during open hours. Will schedule a day soon for spring cleanup, and to assess development ideas. Volunteers, let me know if a Sat. or Sun. works best.!

Report From Rainbow Village

The Village is rockin’ it three nights a week. The current hours are 5-9 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It would be great to have more hours but we need more of you LGBT Grant County members to help us cover the hours. Host a card night, bring your board games, host a movie night – the more participation and support we get the more hours we can have the doors open. Ted has been doing a vast majority of staffing the center. Let’s give him a break, shall we? Talk to any board member when you decide what you want to do. Even one night a month would be a help.


Brunch takes place on Sundays at noon. We meet at Rainbow Village, 301 W. College Ave., Suite 5. Bring something to share if you like or just join in on the food and frivolity. It is a great time to network, catch up with old friends, make new friends and eat. Pretty soon it will be warm enough that you can eat in the courtyard if you like. Goodbye winter and hello brunch al fresco!


Next Trivia Night is on Wednesday, March 12th at The Village 6:00pm. Trivia has changed nights per your requests. Trivia now takes place the second Wednesday of every month, 6 p.m. at Rainbow Village. Our beloved Cookie will be out of town for a few months (have a blast Miss Cookie!!!!) but she has worked very hard to make sure we are prepared in her absence. It is a whole lot of fun so plan on coming next time.

LGBT Grant County Strategic Planning

The board (or some portion thereof) are going to be conducting a retreat to develop a strategic plan for LGBT Grant County. Robert Wedemeier is going to mediate and make sure we stay on the right track. If you have any input please contact one of us before March 25th. Taking in to account what has been going on in the community and on what grant funding is available for what issues, we will develop a plan for the near future. Once it is completed, it will be emailed to LGBT Grant County members.

The Benefits of LGBT Grant County Membership

‘Why should I become a member?’ ‘Why did membership rates double?’ These are questions you may be asking yourself or friends. You get the newsletter. You have access to all the information posted on facebook. You know when and where brunch takes place. Why pay money to become a no-card carrying member of the community? Here’s why – because we need you too! To grow as an organization we need you. Yes, NEED! You are LGBT Grant County and you can help shape the organization that is trying to support you. This is how organizations grow. When we grow, we can offer more to all of you.

As for the rise in membership fees, please note that if you cannot afford the $20 it is NOT written in stone. Want to be a member but can’t pay or can only pay a little? Let one of your friendly neighborhood board members know. We want everyone who wants to be involved to do so. The dues have gone up because we have a whole lot more to support. On top of all the great services that have been offered since the beginning (grants and scholarships for you newbies) we have a community center. Our operating costs are higher but we are also more visible. We have had people stop by Rainbow Village in search of a friendly face, support and someone who understands. They can easily find it. It really is a wonderful thing. We also have our own space for events, brunch, meetings, parties, gatherings, weddings – the list is endless.

Convinced to become a member yet? Added bonus – you get to come to the annual meeting and vote the board in or out. Talk about political power. There you have it.

Rainbow Pages In Production

LGBT Grant County is putting together a business and services directory for Grant County listing all gay friendly businesses. There is no cost for a simple listing but ad space is available for EXTREMELY reasonable rates. The Rainbow Pages will be distributed in hard copy around our community and will also be on our website. Lots of advertising bang for a great price (or free!). Nearly 80% of LGBT people check to see if a business is gay friendly before shopping. It’s a great way to attract LGBT tourists and local folks to your business. Check out for all the details.

PFLAG Fundraiser Dance to be held on Saturday, March 22nd 9pm to midnight at Little Toad Creek on Broadway and Bullard. Live performance by The Roadrunners. Re-live the best time in your life at PFLAG's annual scholarship dance fundraiser. $10 Cover. For more info, call 590-8797.

Sandoval 64 Tenth Anniversary Celebration!

On February 20, 2004, 64 same-gender couples received marriage licenses from the Sandoval County Clerk and were legally married in New Mexico. In the decade since, EQNM, the LGBT community, and countless local and national partners worked to secure this opportunity for all same-gender couples in New Mexico -- a success finally achieved on December 19, 2013. EQNM is proud to host a 10th Anniversary Celebration event to honor our Sandoval 64, and celebrate the historic gains made for the freedom to marry in New Mexico over the past decade. Music by A Band Named Sue, Hors d'oeuvres, cake, champagne, photography, small silent auction, and lots of fun! Sandoval 64 Documentary and merchandise will be available -- 50% of proceeds will be donated to EQNM! For more information, visit their website.

Southern New Mexico Pride Awards Banquet

What an incredible year of progress! Landmark decisions and legislation have ruled in our favor to pave the way toward equality. To celebrate, Southern New Mexico Pride cordially invites you and yours to our inaugural Awards Gala. Honors will be awarded in the categories of LGBTQ-Friendly Business, Activist Citizen, Political Figure, Best Media Advocates, Best LQBTQ Outreach Campaign, and Southern New Mexico Pride Board Service Award. Evening highlights: Catering provided by Double Eagle, live entertainment by The Mother Tuckers and cash bar by Dublin’s

You can purchase tickets at Spirit Winds or online.

Southern New Mexico Pride Awards Banquet
6p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28
Alameda House, 526 S. Alameda Blvd.
$50 individual/$90 couple

Buy Tickets Here

Anti-gay Forces Changing Tactics on Same Sex Marriage

Move over Federal Marriage Amendment: anti-gay forces are focusing on new ways to halt the advancement of marriage equality — and the result could limit marriage rights for gay couples across the country.

As more states legalize same-sex marriage and efforts to pass a U.S. constitutional amendment prohibiting it have faded, the focus has shifted to containing federal recognition to marriage equality states and to advancing religious exemption bills allowing for discrimination against same-sex couples.

Read More on the Washington Blade.

Before Coming Out, a Hard Time Growing Up - 

Michael Sam’s Troubled Upbringing in Texas

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Michael Sam was the loud country boy who wore a tank top and a cowboy hat. He was the smooth-singing baritone who could irritate his coaches and crack up his teammates with his improvised songs.

He was one of the best players to come out of tiny Hitchcock, Tex., where his family was well known for all the wrong reasons. He was an all-American and defensive terror on the football field. He was a regular at the gay club, where the bartenders knew him by name.

Sam introduced himself to the world Sunday night as a National Football League prospect who happens to be gay. Now he is poised to become a trailblazer in a violent and macho world that will scrutinize his every action and turn his private life into a very public debate.

Read More and view their video on the New York Times



Board Meeting Saturday, March 1st, 2014, 9:30 AM Ted Tufares' residence.


Wednesday, March 12th at The Village 6:00pm.   TRIVIA NIGHT!!!  Hosted by Cookie Smith and Jim Kolb.


Sunday Brunch every Sunday at noon Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City


HIV Support Group every Monday Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City 575-956-7359 for more info


PFLAG Benefit Dance at Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery on Saturday, March 22, 9:00 to 12:00.  Live band, costume and dance contests, and more

Match Your Passion


Been wanting to get a little more involved but not sure what we're up to? Here's
 the guide. If you are interested in joining in on anything we are doing please
call Rainbow Village at 575-519-5562. Every month we:

* Create and send out a newsletter to 200 people.
* Have a brunch every Sunday at noon at the center.
* Hold a HIV/AIDS Support group.
* Spend at the very least 15 hours at the center so folks can drop by.
* Keep our friends current on what is happening in the community.
* Meet weekly to keep up with planning.
* Staff booths with LGBT information at local events.
* Complete bookkeeping obligations.
* Hold a LGBT Grant County Board Meeting.
* Staff the LGBT Grant County Help Line 24/7.
* Keep in touch and updated with other LGBT organizations.
* Provide scholarships and grants to those in need.

Current Projects:

* Provide services and activities for LGBT youth.
* Develop HIV anonymous testing service.
* Create a Rainbow Pages of local gay friendly businesses.
* Plan for social events like a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, Traditional Italian
Christmas Dinner, Community Easter Egg Hunt Frolic in February and so much more!
We have something for every interest and every talent.


LGBT Grant County Board of Directors

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ted Tufares, President -

Elizabeth Rockey, Vice President/Secretary -

Torri LaRue, Treasurer -

Mark Karagas, Secretary -

Guadalupe Cano

Sue Christianson

Hugh Epping