Hey everybody...If you are reading this then the wind did not blow you away!!!   

I would like to personally invite all of you to our Annual Meeting of LGBT Grant County.  This year it's at Little Walnut Campground, starting at noon.  (see newsletter).  This year aside from business, Johnathan Flores from EQNM (Equality New Mexico) will give a short presentation about New Mexico's Family Matters Campaign.  These folks have worked very hard to make it possible for any one to be married in this state.  Should be interesting and informative.

The weekend before the Annual Meeting will be our first annual "Board Retreat".  I wish I could say we will be in some exotic port, but alas it's not meant to be.  However we will be meeting in a very top secret place!!!  We are meeting to re-evaluate our mission and to establish what we wish to accomplish in the years ahead.  

We are excited about the possibilities, however as with any plan, the one thing that is a requirement is PEOPLE.  What has been accomplished over the years, starting with SWANS and now continuing with LGBT Grant County has taken the dedication of people just like you.  People who had (and have) a vision for the Queer Community and people who were, and are, aware of the needs and wants of the Queer Community.  

We (LGBT GC) have always been mindful of our past and of the hard work and good all you "old schoolers" did to form a solid base from which we now work.  As you very well know,  s#@t don't just happen, you have to make it happen.

So... we call on any of you "old schoolers" and "new schoolers" to get involved.  This doesn't mean giving up your life, just a few hours a month staffing The Village, or helping out a brunch, or spending some time staffing a booth at an event, or writing a check.  Even just coming to brunch, walking in the parade, just showing your support in any way.  

To all you "young ones" you may not have to fight as hard to get the "rights" and enjoy the freedom you experience now but you DO have to fight just as hard to keep these freedoms.  There is still a long way to go but with out PEOPLE nothing will get done.

Don't be scared.

See you all, I hope, at the annual meeting...



Hi All! I would like to apologize for not consistently including a snapshot of the monthly financials. Below you will find Year to Date ( through February) figures.

Income: $1997.00 Expenses: $2271.43 Net Income: $(284.43)

Total Assets: $9658.56

63% of income received has been from grants, 14% from memberships and 23% from fundraising.

59% of expenses are rent and utilities of Rainbow Village, 31% are carryover food expenses from 2013 events, and 10% are misc expenses such as office supplies, postage, contract services and advertising.

Looking forward, the grants will be coming to an end. We are in desperate need of community support. Membership is down 50% from last year. There are currently 214 persons on the mailing list. My question is why are there over 200 people receiving the newsletter and only 20 have paid for a membership? Consider becoming a member. It’s a way to show you support the work we do for our community.

For Rainbow Village to continue to exist we need the support of the community to become sustainable. For example, it would only take 12 members to pledge $50 a month to pay for the Village's rent and utilities. All donations made to LGBT Grant County are tax write offs. This can be very beneficial when you file your taxes.

If you would like more details, information is available to members.

Torri LaRue, Treasurer


Our Annual Meeting is set for Sunday, April 6th at 12pm. We’re doing it outside this year at Gomez Peak Group Picnic Area (just before the Little Walnut Picnic Area entrance). We will provide some main course items, information on what LGBT Grant County has accomplished in the past year and give members an opportunity to vote board members in or out of office. It’s going to be festive, informative and delicious. Bring a side dish and make your voice heard.

Not a member? Join up now. Your membership money goes to our general operating funds and will help support Rainbow Village and our scholarship and grants programs.

Become a member!
Renew your membership:


Beginning on March 31st, HIV testing will be conducted at Rainbow Village from 4 to 6 p.m. It will be completely anonymous (of course), non-invasive and conducted by trained volunteers. The results will take two weeks to come in and resources, information and support are available. Rapid testing with same day results will be coming in the near future. If anyone reading this would like to be involved in this program, contact Ted to volunteer. If you or someone you know would like to get tested and can’t make the 4-6 time just call Rainbow Village and arrangements will be made around your schedule. 519-5562.


WNMU’s GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is hosting a game night at Rainbow Village on March 21st. There will be a variety of fun games to play. Bring food to share and come have some fun with our beloved young folk. If you need more information, contact Ollie. or (520) 334-0413.


We will be having our rummage sale on Saturday, May 24th from 8 to 1 p.m. in front of Watts Hall on Silver Heights Blvd. and Swan. You know what comes next, right? STUFF!!! We need your stuff!!!!! If you have anything you would like to donate please call Rainbow Village 519-5562. We can make arrangements to meet you at the storage facility or to pick up your things. If you would care to volunteer to help us on the day of the sale or before, call us! We welcome your assistance. Last year’s sale was a huge success. Let’s make it even HUGER this year.


We offer Trivia Night at Rainbow Village on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. It’s a lot of fun people! A whole lot. Join in on the fun. Don’t sit at home doing nothing. Get yourself over to Rainbow Village for Trivia Night. Like to laugh? This is the place for it. Want to win a prize? Bring your brain and have some FUN!!!!!


Sunday Brunch is still happening every Sunday at noon. Come on over to Rainbow Village for brunch. Bring something to share. Mingle. Chat. Eat. Everyone is welcome and pretty soon it is going to be warm enough to eat out in the gorgeous courtyard. Yay!


Silver and Cobre School districts are traditionally very conservative and non-supportive of queer youth. Ultra-conservative community members sneak in the back door and affect policies at our local schools via school boards. We need some voices of support and reason at school board meetings to keep policies of acceptance in our schools to support our youth. Care about young people? Want to help cut down the high rate of suicide and substance abuse among queer youth? Attend school board meetings and offer input. Contact Hugh Epping at


Board members Elizabeth, Hugh, Lupe, Ted and Torri attended the Southwest Regional Non-Profit Conference the month to learn how to better serve our community. Between the five of us we covered nearly every workshop they offered. We learned about effective fundraising strategies, building collaborations, putting social media to work, diversity training, legal responsibilities for board members, non-profit advocacy, program results, restorative workplaces and ending death by meeting. The timing was perfect as our strategic planning gathering is happening this month. We will be narrowing our focus and improving the way we do things.

Our biggest issue is support. We don’t have enough of it. We have six board members who do the majority of the work that takes place. We have a small handful of members who help with events. All in all, there are probably about ten or fifteen people who support the programs, events and work we do for the community. We could do so much more and work far more effectively with more involvement from you. Think about it. None of us get paid. All of us have work, families, animals and other commitments. We make the time because LGBT issues in our community are important to us. Are they important to you too? If they are, give us some of your time.


In honor of the birthday of Cesar Chavez on March 31st WNMU will be hosting a march. You can choose to meet at 6 a.m. in front of the MECHA building (near the Student Memorial building) or if you aren’t a morning person you can come at 11 a.m. to participate in the march. If you need more information, contact Lupe Cano.



Everyone is passionate about something, right? What’s your passion? Working with youth? HIV testing and prevention? Putting on events? Political change? Parades? Theater? Performing? Culinary arts? Dancing? Music? Nature? Photography? Film? Literature? Bring us your passion! We can hook you up with something to channel that passion in to. Yes, it is that simple. If you are interested in joining in on anything we are doing please call Rainbow Village at 575-519-5562. Every month we:

* Create and send out a newsletter to 200 people.
* Have a brunch every Sunday at noon at the center.
* Hold a HIV/AIDS Support group.
* Spend at the very least 15 hours at the center so folks can drop by.
* Keep our friends current on what is happening in the community.
* Meet weekly to keep up with planning.
* Staff booths with LGBT information at local events.
* Complete bookkeeping obligations.
* Hold a LGBT Grant County Board Meeting.
* Staff the LGBT Grant County Help Line 24/7.
* Keep in touch and updated with other LGBT organizations.
* Provide scholarships and grants to those in need.

Current Projects:

* Provide services and activities for LGBT youth.
* Develop HIV anonymous testing service.
* Create a Rainbow Pages of local gay friendly businesses.
* Plan for social events like a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, Traditional Italian
Christmas Dinner, Community Easter Egg Hunt Frolic in February and so much more!
We have something for every interest and every talent.




PFLAG Benefit Dance at Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery on Saturday, March 22, 9:00 to 12:00.  Live band, costume and dance contests, and more


Annual Meeting: Sunday, April 6th Noon at Gomez Peak Group Picnic Area


Wednesday, April 9th at The Village 6:00pm.   TRIVIA NIGHT!!!


Sunday Brunch every Sunday at noon Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City


HIV Support Group every Monday Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City 575-956-7359 for more info


Annual Rummage Sale - Saturday, May 24th 8am until 1pm in front of Watts Hall on Silver Heights Blvd

LGBT Grant County Board of Directors

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ted Tufares, President -

Elizabeth Rockey, Vice President/Secretary -

Torri LaRue, Treasurer -

Mark Karagas, Secretary -

Guadalupe Cano

Sue Christianson

Hugh Epping