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Well here  we are...4th of july...parade, fireworks, monsoons...got a start on the rains,  very  good---everything smells sweet and clean.

we will be carrying the "Rainbow Flag" again this year with serious assurances that there will NOT be a repeat of last year.  Also will be staffing a booth with lots of info about LGBT Grant County and other goodies.  This year we will have some Rainbow goodies for sale, so stop on by and say hello.

Don't forget Brunch this Sunday at 10:30 at The Village.  I miss seeing you all and look forward to seeing you this Sunday!!!

Seems like things are on "Summer-time mode"...everyone out in the sunshine enjoying why it is we live here, or in the shade.  Me, I like the heat and sun and soak it up all I can get.

Just for your info, We (Hugh and myself) are now "certified to administer the HIV Rapid Test.  Very simple procedure with a stick, not a blood draw but just a little drop of blood.  Results in 10 minutes, the entire process may  take 20 minutes or so!!!  So if you know anyone who wants to get tested have them give us a call.  Totally private and anonymous.  HIV Testing is not just for men either.!!!

Look for a dance happening soon, and a movie night happenin' in August, with some first run LGBT themed movies.  Many we will be screening in this part of the country for the first time.  Watch for other stuff coming up beginning this fall.!!!

We are excited about what is happpening and hope you will be too.

Iwant to thank all those who are participating in the "600 club"  this means much to me and the rest of the board and those involved in what we are doing.

thank you , have a safe 4th.     ciao

4th of July Parade Is Almost Here

Come help us carry the huge rainbow flag. We had about 30 enthusiastic marchers last year and our goal is to have more presence this year. We will be meeting with PFLAG at 9:30 on 12th St. between Santa Rita and West St. We are between AMBANK and a 1952 Buick. Join us! Also, stop by the booth at Gough Park to say hey.


Become A 600 Club Pledge Honoree

If you have enjoyed a brunch, wedding, open house or other activity at our Rainbow Village and want to make sure it stays around for the LGBT community, please join our 600 Club! This is a special group of honorees that pledge to donate $50 a month ($600 annually) to help defer costs of operating Rainbow Village. Monthly costs of our little home base is broken down below:

Liability Insurance:$42
Internet Access/Streaming:$45
Centerlink (National LGBT Community Center Directory):$5
Total Monthly Operating Expense:$742

By joining our 600 Club, you will receive our gratis in the form of a name plate on our Rainbow Village Plaque for our honorees. You will also receive a personal extension of thanks for an executive board member. To help you remember to send your monthly pledge, Torri LaRue will be contacting our honorees monthly to remind them. To join, please contact our Treasurer Torri LaRue(torri@lgbtgrantcounty.com), call our office phone at 575-519-5562 or you can set up you monthly pledge by using the Paypal button below:

600 Club Pledge Honoree $50/mo

To Unsubscibe to our 600 Club, please click on the button below:

Seeking Recipients For The 2014 Albuquerque Pride, Inc. Fall Scholarship

From: John Murphy [john.murphy@abqpride.com]
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2014 9:42 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Albuquerqu​e Pride Scholarshi​p Fall 2014

Albuquerque Pride, Inc. is excited to announce it is seeking recipients for the 2014 Albuquerque Pride, Inc. Fall Scholarship!

Applicants who contribute to the community in advocacy and leadership for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship recipients will receive up to $500 each for one semester of education and must show passion for contributing to the community in the future through assessment of individual essay.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications to apply:

Must openly identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender;

Must attend a school in the state of New Mexico;

Must be classified as a sophomore or higher.

All completed applications will be assessed by a selected scholarship committee.

Applications must be mailed postdated no later than August 1, 2014 in order to qualify. Late applications will not be accepted and must wait for a consecutive application period.

 Please forward the email to anyone you know who might be interested in applying. 


Director of Education

July Fundraiser "Let's Dance" July 26th

To be held Saturday at Little Toad Creek from 8 to 11pm. $10 per person. DJ with dancing music provided. Mark your calendars and plan to be there!

Give Grande New Mexico Update

In the beginning of May, The Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico hosted a one day donation promotion called Give Grande New Mexico. We are the grateful recipients of donations by 12 individual donations, If you were one of them, then: THANK YOU. We have not heard from the Coalition as of yet, so if you did make a donation and want to inquire, please refer below:

The Community Foundation Coalition of New Mexico
PO Box 1827
Santa Fe,
NM 87504



Rummage Sale Was a Success!

Excellent Rummage Sale! Many thanks to everyone who helped and everyone who shopped. We done good folks! We raised $1,175. Not bad for a day's work. Elizabeth

Read online.

Rainbow Pages Update

Elizabeth and Mark are working on the Rainbow Pages Project. Elizabeth recruited an energetic young lady to visit a multitude of local Grant County businesses to inquire about their desire to be included in our Rainbow Pages Directory. She was received overwhelmingly with support by the businesses she visited. There was only one business where she didn't get a supportive nod and sorry, we don't know which business that was, but they won't be listed in our directory, that's for sure. We expect to have it published in early fall. If you are a business owner and was not visited by Virginia or previously contacted, but would like to be included, please contact Elizabeth or Mark.

Block Party Being Planned For August

We are tentively planning a Block Party at Penny Park on August 23rd in the evening. The theme would be an evening at the beach. We wanted to have a kid and family friendly event to compliment the 101 Things For Youth To Do In Grant County project which will end on August 10th. More information forthcoming. If you are interested in helping, please let a board member know.

So, Why The �T� in LGBT?

by Susan Golightly

A better question would be why �L,� G,� �B,� are lumped together?  Or for that matter, why are any of the letters in the extended LGBT acronym, LGBTTTQQIAA, lumped together?  The simple answer is that we are all considered outside of the heteronormative ideal put forth by a heterosexist society.  We did not create the acronym; it was created for us by a society that has historically persecuted those who are perceived as different.  It was, and still is, the straight heterosexist society that has lumped us all together.

Let�s look at a little bit of history.  Back in the 50s and 60s gay men and lesbians did not hang out much together nor did they perceive they had much in common.  Gay men liked men, and lesbians liked women, and the general oppression of homosexuality was just the way it was.   And, for those who called themselves �bi� or bisexual they were often considered suspect by the gay community for being dilettantes and dabblers and were not to be trusted.  As for the �T,� the drag queens, swishy femmes, bull dykes, and other gender non conformists, they were considered just part of the community.  After all, in the �gay ghetto� we were all oppressed.  The reason many gay men and women chose to live in the gay ghettos was because we didn�t want to live our lives in the closet.  We craved visibility.  We wanted to be out and proud.  We wanted to walk openly in the daylight with our own kind, not just meeting in darkened bars wearing our closeted shame on our shirtsleeves.  The LGBT acronym did not come together as a banner to unite under until 1970 when gay and lesbian liberation became a civil rights struggle thanks to the �T� in LGBT.  Let�s see how that happened.

It was in the summer of 1969 in New York City where the now famous Stonewall Inn riot took place, and because of that riot, the Gay and Lesbian Liberation Movement was born�a riot, by the way, started by drag queens, crossdressers, feminine young men, and other gender nonconforming patrons of the Stonewall Inn.  It was this group that had suffered the most from police harassment (and still do).  The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar owned by the mafia in the heart of Greenwich Village.  The police, with the consent of the owners, would almost nightly harass the patrons just to pass the time.  Often, they would arrest the drag queens and crossdressers for �masquerading� as women; crossdressing was illegal back then.  One night, the patrons got tired of the harassment and fought back.  The riot went on for three nights, and many of the patrons were arrested and hauled away in paddy wagons.

The following year, in commemoration of the Stonewall riot, the first Gay Pride marches took place in several major cities.  They were not Pride parades like we have now, but were protest and liberation marches.  I personally marched in the Boston and New York City Gay Pride marches in 1974 and 1975, and I proudly marched dressed in my over-the-top drag queen splendor with my femme �sisters.�

So you see, the �T� was there in the very beginning.  And we, who identify ourselves as being gender nonconforming or transgender, have a long and proud history as part of the LGBT community.  And when, you meet gay men and lesbians who wonder why we hang out in �their� center or why the �T� is part of the LGB community, you can respond by saying you wouldn�t have a community if it hadn�t been for us.

Wedding Bells: Elizabeth Rockey and Torri LaRue are now married.

Dennis Much posted these photos of Elizabeth and Torri's Wedding Day at our own Rainbow Village. Brian McHugh did a marvelous job officiating their wedding.

Read online.


Silver and Cobre School districts are traditionally very conservative and non-supportive of queer youth. Ultra-conservative community members sneak in the back door and affect policies at our local schools via school boards. We need some voices of support and reason at school board meetings to keep policies of acceptance in our schools to support our youth. Care about young people? Want to help cut down the high rate of suicide and substance abuse among queer youth? Attend school board meetings and offer input. Contact Hugh Epping at kenip2@aol.com.


Board members Elizabeth, Hugh, Lupe, Ted and Torri attended the Southwest Regional Non-Profit Conference the month to learn how to better serve our community. Between the five of us we covered nearly every workshop they offered. We learned about effective fundraising strategies, building collaborations, putting social media to work, diversity training, legal responsibilities for board members, non-profit advocacy, program results, restorative workplaces and ending death by meeting. The timing was perfect as our strategic planning gathering is happening this month. We will be narrowing our focus and improving the way we do things.

Our biggest issue is support. We don’t have enough of it. We have six board members who do the majority of the work that takes place. We have a small handful of members who help with events. All in all, there are probably about ten or fifteen people who support the programs, events and work we do for the community. We could do so much more and work far more effectively with more involvement from you. Think about it. None of us get paid. All of us have work, families, animals and other commitments. We make the time because LGBT issues in our community are important to us. Are they important to you too? If they are, give us some of your time.



Everyone is passionate about something, right? What’s your passion? Working with youth? HIV testing and prevention? Putting on events? Political change? Parades? Theater? Performing? Culinary arts? Dancing? Music? Nature? Photography? Film? Literature? Bring us your passion! We can hook you up with something to channel that passion in to. Yes, it is that simple. If you are interested in joining in on anything we are doing please call Rainbow Village at 575-519-5562. Every month we:

* Create and send out a newsletter to 200 people.
* Have a brunch every Sunday at noon at the center.
* Hold a HIV/AIDS Support group.
* Spend at the very least 15 hours at the center so folks can drop by.
* Keep our friends current on what is happening in the community.
* Meet weekly to keep up with planning.
* Staff booths with LGBT information at local events.
* Complete bookkeeping obligations.
* Hold a LGBT Grant County Board Meeting.
* Staff the LGBT Grant County Help Line 24/7.
* Keep in touch and updated with other LGBT organizations.
* Provide scholarships and grants to those in need.

Current Projects:

* Provide services and activities for LGBT youth.
* Develop HIV anonymous testing service.
* Create a Rainbow Pages of local gay friendly businesses.
* Plan for social events like a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving, Traditional Italian
Christmas Dinner, Community Easter Egg Hunt Frolic in February and so much more!
We have something for every interest and every talent.




Sunday Brunch every 1st Sunday of the month at 10:30 Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City


HIV Support Group every Monday Rainbow Village, 301 W College Ave, Suite 5, Silver City 575-956-7359 for more info


July 4th Parade - Friday morning. Join our big flag procession and stop by to see us at our booth.


July 26th - Saturday 8-11pm - Let's Dance - Fundraiser at Little Toad Creek Brewery

LGBT Grant County Board of Directors

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ted Tufares, President - ted@lgbtgrantcounty.com

Elizabeth Rockey, Vice President/Co-Secretary - liz@lgbtgrantcounty.com

Torri LaRue, Treasurer - torri@lgbtgrantcounty.com

Mark Karagas, Co-Secretary - mark@lgbtgrantcounty.com

Guadalupe Cano

Hugh Epping