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LGBTQ History at Pride?

Would anyone in our community like to lead the effort to have a LBGTQ History booth at the Pride 2017 Festival?

We think it’s time to start celebrating LBGTQ History, both locally and nationally! But we need someone who knows and loves our history to take charge! Such an installation or booth would add a great deal of meaning to Pride, showing the struggle that has led us to hold these Pride celebrations. This installation could also be put up in our office for a public reception at a later date and used at future Pride festivals.

Please contact us at if you have any interest in bringing LGBTQ history to Pride!

Needs for Pride 2017

We have a tighter budget this year for the Pride festival, so please consider if you can help us out  by loaning us any of the following:

* Rainbow themed decorations (for the park or for the dance)
* Canopies for holding off the sun and rain, or a big tent (for a dressing room)
* Prizes for our raffles and for winners of the doggie drag show

We will need volunteers for Saturday morning setup and decorations, booth sitting shifts throughout the day, dance and raffle ticket selling, cleanup and take-down at 6:30pm, and for cleanup after the dance.

Please write to us at or call 575 313-3845.

Summer Osborne to headline Pride 2017!

2017 Pride Headliner -Summer Osborne!!! Cosponsored by LGBTQ Grant County and The Center for Gender Equity and Social Justice!
“an award winning American singer-songwriter who entertains audiences throughout the US and Canada with her magical brand of melodic and lyrically potent genre-jumping performances. She masterfully amalgamates the human condition, spirituality, truth, love and healing. When Osborne’s kaleidoscope of music is infused with her charismatic stage presence and naturally humorous personality, every show leaves the listener wanting more.
Summer’s eighth album, As I Am, was released in June of 2013 to rave reviews and has been hailed as her best yet. Many fans are adopting it as the “sound track to my life.” The album is generously being played on various formats, including community and college radio and live streaming stations, as well as receiving play in Unity Church Services and professional counseling and therapy offices.
“Grace” won a 2013 RightOutTV Music and Video award, and “This is Your Call” recieved Best Song with a Social Message for RightOutTV in 2014 as well as a nomination for Spiritual Song of the Year for the International Music and Entertainment Awards.
Monica Soto, from Camp Magazine KC, says, “The beginning track explains it all — Osborne tells it like it is. She has a positive attitude and she is supremely talented. Osborne is soul to the bone and honest. When I was a judge for HRC’s Battle of the Bands, I saw Osborne do those riffs live. They are complicated to play, and Osborne pulls it off while singing at the same time like she was born to do it. Saying I was blown away is an understatement.” more here