Kimber Etheredge, Board Vice President

​Kimber Etheredge is a single mother of 3 children (21, 16 & 9 years old), who is a native of Silver City. She attended New Mexico State University from 1999 to 2006 and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies and an Associate’s degree in Accounting & Business. She has worked in various medical positions for over 10 years and has licenses in Phlebotomy, Basic EMT, and as a Medical Assistant.

In Nevada, Kimber worked as a Firefighter for 7 years and was the Public Relations Officer for the volunteer fire station. She also worked as a phlebotomist at the local hospital and became known as one of the top phlebotomists in the NE Nevada region.

Since Kimber returned to Silver City, she has started her own beauty advising and attraction marketing business, Radiant Glow ( She is also working as the field deputy medical investigator for Grant County.

Kimber has overcome a number of personal and physical obstacles since being back. She had a massive car accident that left her with permanent injuries and had to overcome massive depression & anxiety. She also ended an abusive marriage of 17 years, moved out on her own and came out as lesbian.

Recently, she became Vice President of the board of LGBTQ Grant County and Fundraising Chair for the 2017 LGBTQ Pride event. Her goals in her work for LGBTQ Grant County are to increase community involvement and improve awareness of LGBTQ issues.